Dr Helena Nam

Dr Helena Nam

Dr Helena Nam is a specialist in the treatment of cancer patients and over the course of the year has done a pioneering work, at Hope Ward, in treating many patients with cancer. We wish to express our special appreciation for what she has done and also to the rest of the team led by Sister Irene Nassozi.

One thought on “Dr Helena Nam

  1. Hi,

    I chance upon your webpage http://blog.suubitrust.org.uk/2007/07/22/dr-helena-nam/

    regarding the work of Dr Helena Nam at Hope Ward in the year 2007.

    Dr Helena Nam was a long lost friend and I’ll like to connect up with her again if possible.

    I’ll be grateful if you could help pass me her contacts or pass my contact details to her. Thank you.


    Ng Yeau Chong

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