Tuberculosis Health Needs Assessment (2/2)

A key element of this study was to assess the housing as well as socio-economic determinants amongst slum dwellers.

1,366 households were surveyed in 3 low income settlements; one in the urban slums within Kampala and the other 2 in rural settings as a comparison.

As indicated in the previous posting there is a need for closer collaboration between the various agencies responsible for TB and for Housing.

Kisugu TB health needs assessment

Some of the survey findings are:

  • 66% did not own their property
  • 48% of properties had just one room, which on average was just 12 m2
  • Average of 5 people per property
  • Average of 3.8 people sleeping per room
  • 66% used a communal latrine

Kisugu TB health needs assessment

We don’t have the capacity to stay in good houses. We stay in houses we can afford to pay for, which exposes us. We stay in houses without windows; mosquitoes bite you and with leaking roofs.

When you think of going back to the village, then you think about the hard life there…the places we stay in are surrounded by drainage channels which flood and this makes it easy to contract diseases.

However, we find ourselves in a situation we have no control over.

Slum dweller, Kampala.

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