We’ve Started the Build!

Over the last year we have been raising funds to help build a maternity theatre at the Charis clinic in Lira, north Uganda.

I am really pleased to announce that we have now started the build!!!

The site is being cleared and levelled, ready for the foundations.

Here’s what the site looked like before we started:

The proposed site for the theatre, where the trees are

This tree will have to be removed

and now at the end of Week 1:

Week 01 Clearing and Levelling the Site 111025


Last December I posted the photo below and an update outlining our intention to build this theatre. You can read that post by clicking on the photo or read more about our work in Lira by clicking here.

Joel, Leonard, Ian, Phil and Mike discuss the potential building of a theatre


6 thoughts on “We’ve Started the Build!

  1. Very exciting news! Well done Suubi Trust – can’t wait to see the maternity theatre when it’s built.

  2. wow…this has been very worth waiting for, please keep us up to date with progress photo’s

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