The following is an update about Emmie, one of those being cared for using the funds raised by The Three Mums.

Emmie is a young Nurse who discovered that she had cancer in her brain last year (2007).  Emmie has been in and out of hospital ending up with a huge hospital bill and a large debt.  Unfortunately after initial surgery and cycles of chemotherapy Emmie’s cancer persisted in her lymph nodes and she need further surgery to remove all the lymph glands in her neck.

This was such a complicated procedure Emmie had to pay for a neck specialist to travel from Rwanda to perform the operation.  The surgery was going to cost so much money Emmie could not afford it and so she approached Hope Ward for assistance.  With help from Suubi Trust funds 90% of Emmie’s hospital bill was covered; IHK also gave Emmie a great deal of support by discounting her bill by 30%.  Emmie did not know that her hospital bill would be reduced by so much, when she discovered that she had been assisted in this way she was so happy her face lit up and she went home greatly encouraged thanks to all who are going the extra mile to help young people like Emmie in Uganda.

Cancer Patient Updates

3 Mums Raise £5000

We received the following update from Dr. Hamza about three of the patients being treated as a result of funds raised by the 3 Mums:

KF- Has struggled to pay cash (so pleased now to have funds from the 3 Mums) and has finished 3 cycles of the proposed chemotherapy but had not gone any further than that; so I had sent her for radiotherapy which she completed. She has 3 more cycles to go, then depending on the outcome, she will start on oral Tamoxifen 20mg for at least 5 yrs. She is clinically stable and will most likely do well.



has started chemotherapy; she has so far received 1 cycle of chemotherapy and is remaining with 5 more to go. She is doing well so far – many thanks to the 3 Mums for their generous support.



has so far had 5 out of 6 proposed cycles and doing well so far. He has one cycle to go after which we will re-assess him for any residual tumour. If he still has measurable disease we may give 2 more cycles of chemotherapy and then plastic/cheek reconstructive surgery.

3 Mums Raise over £5,000

In August Charlotte, Kate and Ruth rowed down the Thames raising more than £5,000 for Suubi Trust and Cancer Care in Hope Ward.

3 Mums Raise £5,371...


We have had so many messages of support from their friends and family and would like to add a couple of our own:

Steve, Suubi Trust Treasurer, writes “We are so grateful to you and to all your friends, family and colleagues. This will go a huge way to treating Cancer Patients on Hope Ward. What more can I say, we at Suubi have been really touched by all you have done.”

Dr Ian, CEO at International Hospital, “To everyone out there who put something into this fundraising effort – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Don’t forget the pound still goes a long way out here.”

We have some photos on our Flickr site here…

and here are a couple of videos of them arriving at Oxford and being greeted by friends and family…
(you may find the quality slightly better over at You Tube)

3 Mums Arrive at Oxford

The 3 Mums successfully completed their challenge of rowing from Lechlade to Oxford in aid of Cancer Care at Hope Ward.

You can read more about this initiative on our website here:


Here they are at the start in Lechlade on Friday morning…

Kate, Ruth and Charlotte ready to go...

Friends and Family turned up on Sunday afternoon to meet them at the finish in Oxford….

Friends and Family

Lots of hugs, kisses and a few tears…

Missed you...

We did it!

Mission accomplished...

We have posted these and a number of other photos over on our Flickr page at:


3 Mums Set Off

Earlier today Steve and I had a quick trip over to Lechlade to see Kate, Charlotte and Ruth setting off.

It was a cold, damp start;

Here they are listening carefully to instructions from the Skiff-Man…



The all important traditional photo session at the start…


and they’re off…


Three Mums in a Boat

On Friday 8th August 2008 the 3 Mums, Charlotte, Kate and Ruth, will be taking on the challenge of a three day rowing expedition along the River Thames, raising funds for Suubi Trust.

With a lot of enthusiasm but no previous rowing experience (!), they will row from Lechlade, very near the source of the Thames, along the river to the University Boat Houses in Oxford.

The money they raise will be used to help meet the cost of treatment for a number of cancer patients on Hope Ward.

Atimong Sophie, a 45yr old female from the IDP in Mbuya is probably the most desperate now. She has locally advanced cancer of the left breast which presented as a fungating breast mass for 2yrs. She could not access treatment then due to financial reasons until early this year when she was connected to Hospice Africa and referred to Dr Hodges, a Plastic surgeon in Mengo Hospital. She then had mastectomy (removal of breast) and breast reconstruction free of charge.

She is now recommended to receive 6 cycles of chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy but cannot access any help for funds. She is a poor market vendor, selling mainly tomatoes and vegetables to earn a living; she’s married to a builder and has 4 children all of whom never went to school (the eldest is 19yr and youngest is 4yrs old).

Dennis Odong: update

Dr. Hamza has given us this update:

Dennis has had 3 complete cycles of chemo and has 3 more to go. He has improved significantly on treatment; the tumour swelling has markedly reduced and yet we have so far not had any major complications due to chemo.

Therefore I am, so far, happy with his progress. I intend to complete the full course of chemo and then review him for possible reconstructive Surgery.