Suubi Trust Annual Returns

Since it was registered on July 2nd 2007, Suubi Trust has raised just over £200,000 to help support the work of International Medical Foundation, an NGO providing healthcare services to the financially disadvantaged in Uganda.

Our key focus at this time is raising funds to build a maternity theatre at Charis Health Centre in Lira, Northern Uganda. This is an essential project that will provide a facility from which local women will be able to access safe maternal delivery services and emergency obstetrics as required. Building works are underway; you can watch progress by clicking on the image below.

Week 07 of the Theatre Build, click on image to see more in this album.

We continue to provide funding to support treatment of cancer patients on the charity “Hope Ward” at International Hospital Kampala (IHK), Uganda. These funds help to ensure that such care and treatment is accessible to those that otherwise could not afford it.

Most of the funds raised by Suubi Trust come from individual supporters.

We are grateful to Richard and Pat who have led the fund raising for the theatre build in Lira. Rose and Becci helped to get this fund started.

Alison, her family and friends, including Helen, continue to support the work in Namuwongo that Alison was involved with during her time there as a VSO volunteer.

Kate and Caroline, to name just two, are keen supporters of the Cancer Care fund and are amongst the first to use standing orders and Give As You Earn.

Jamie, Louise, Emily, Sean and Rose helped to raise funds using Justgiving pages.

Our thanks also to church members in Hazlemere and Menorca.

All money raised by Suubi Trust is used to support the work of International Medical Foundation in Uganda. Our Trustees are volunteers and do not charge for any services or expenses. The only administration costs covered by the funds raised, and the associated gift aid, are bank charges and the cost of having the online giving facility at Justgiving.

You can review our accounts and annual returns on the Charity Commission website by clicking on the image below.


Thank you all for your kind and generous support and we wish you all a great 2012.

Kampala Bombings: Please Support the Victims

Suubi Trust is working with International Medical Foundation to help raise funds and support for the victims of the bombings in Kampala.

We are posting updates below about some of those being treated at International Hospital Kampala.

IHK is providing, and will continue to provide, such treatments free of charge to those that cannot afford to pay and hopes to cover the costs from Government support or donations from individuals.

If you would like to help, you can give securely online by clicking either of the two images below.

Thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes, Kevin.

You can donate securely online using justgiving

You can give online by Credit Card using our secure link at CAF Bank

Kuvuka Cafe supports Cancer Care Fund

Kuvuka has matched donations from its Customers
making a total raised so far of £806.
We are very grateful for all you’ve given.

Sean Clarke


Kuvuka cafe is raising money for Suubi Trust to give cancer care to patients who would be without hope otherwise.

Kuvuka Cafe supports Cancer Care Fund

Kuvuka Cafe is approaching its 3rd birthday at the end of December, what better way to celebrate than to help bring hope to people and save some lives?! Many of us have experience of loved ones who have suffered from cancer. It’s an awful thing to go through, even when we know treatment of some kind is available to us. In Uganda any kind of cancer treatment is available only to a few, and those who get cancer are generally without hope. We intend to change this for as many people as we can afford to, and ask if you can help.

To help make your contribution even more significant, Kuvuka Cafe will match your contribution, so please consider making even a small donation, it will make a big difference.

You can donate directly on our Just Giving Page, by clicking here…

You can read about some of the work of Suubi Trust here.

Cancer Care Fund: Support from IAA Healthcare and Dr. Bogle

In a recent update I outlined our new initiative to raise funds in support of Hope Ward Cancer Care.

A cancer treatment budget has been set at £2,000 per month for charity patients. The final two months of 2009 have just been covered by a donation of 12 million (Uganda Shillings) from IAA Healthcare.

IAA Healthcare gives 12m to support Hope Ward Cancer Care

IAA Healthcare gives 12m to support Hope Ward Cancer Care

In the photo above Herbert Mukoza, IAA Sales Manager, hands over a cheque to Dr. Helena Nam and team.

We now have our sights on raising £25,000 for 2010 and I’m very pleased to say that we are well on the way, having already received £5,000 from one of our very generous UK supporters, Dr. Richard Bogle, an interventional cardiologist and owner of Cardiac Report Limited.

Richard, thanks once again.

Please considering helping, visit our Just Giving page to make your donation.

Hope Ward Cancer Care Fund

Waira Tom after chemotherapy on Hope Ward

Waira Tom after chemotherapy on Hope Ward

About Hope Ward Cancer Care:

The word “cancer” in Uganda brings thoughts of death, confusion, and stigma. People feel hopeless and impotent with nowhere to turn. There have been great strides made with HIV and infectious diseases but cancer care has fallen by the wayside. Most people avoid seeking medical help until the cancer is advanced or spread and it is too late. Even should they try, there are too few resources and the treatments are unaffordable.

In the last 3 years, Hope Ward Cancer Care has been developed to tackle these needs. We have an excellent team, led by Dr. Helena Nam, which has provided care and treatment for 33 charity patients this year. We will bring you some of the patient stories in the next few postings.

We are hoping to raise £25,000 to enable this work to continue throughout 2010. We have a Just Giving page on which you can make an online donation. Please give generously.

Kind Regards and Thanks,


Hope Ward Patients 2009

Up to the end of September we have had 197 patients admitted onto Hope Ward for a total of 2,217 bed nights.

102 patients were admitted for medical treatment, 62 for surgery and 33 for Cancer Care.

More than £40,000 has been raised to cover the cost of these treatments; of which Suubi Trust has provided just over £13,300.

Our current focus is in reaching next year’s target of £25,000 for our Cancer Care Fund.


Hope Ward is a 25 bed ward at International Hospital Kampala, IHK, dedicated to the provision of quality healthcare free of charge to those most in need. This care makes a very significant difference in the lives of our patients who, without your generous support, would simply not be able to afford their treatments. You can help support this work by donating at Just Giving.